Women Go Tech and Junior Achievement Lithuania, together with the support from The Coca-Cola Foundation, have joined forces for the second time on a mission to empower girls to choose the tech industry as a potential future career path. 

The #EmpoweringGirls project aims to connect Women Go Tech alumni – the role models who successfully stepped into tech – with the target group of students, who at their teen years face important decisions regarding their education and future career choices. Since one of the reasons behind the persisting gender inequality in the job market is attributed to the unconscious bias regarding the appropriate career paths for different genders, Women Go Tech and Junior Achievement Lihuania aim to address this issue with the help of Women Go Tech alumni who follow highly diverse career paths.

Over the course of the #EmpoweringGirls  project over 50 Women Go Tech alumni will visit over 100 schools reaching over 5000 students, sharing their stories and experiences, encouraging them to explore the opportunities within the world of tech, as well as promoting the idea of developing their entrepreneurship skills while still at school. We hope that hearing stories from these inspiring women will empower young talents to follow their interests without being discouraged by any kind of stereotypes, as well as to develop a curious mindset aimed at exploring different opportunities.

Visit the official project website here.