Gift Our Course To Your Employees

Thinking about how to find the perfect gift for your team this festive season? Surprise your female employees with something unique and empowering – the Discovery Course. This innovative course delves into different tech roles, skills, and career paths, offering a comprehensive understanding of the tech sector.

The Discovery Course

The Discovery Course is an engaging and practical journey through 10 high-demand tech roles.

  • Role Responsibilities & Challenges
  • Skills and Competencies
  • Tech Trends
  • Plus, Practical Tasks for Participants

Taught by experts across 7 countries

Certification & a resource ebook

Subtitled in English, Ukrainian, Polish, and Czech

Why Gift the Discovery Course?

Gifting the Discovery Course to your employees is more than just a present; it’s an investment in their professional development and your company’s future. Here are some ways different professionals can benefit:

  • Marketing Professionals: Gain insights into data analytics and UX/UI design for more effective collaboration and user-centric marketing materials.
  • HR Professionals: Understand IT project management and cybersecurity roles for better recruitment and data protection practices.
  • Project Managers: Learn about back-end development and product ownership for improved project coordination and alignment.

10 roles, 12 videos

Usual price 45€ + VAT

Access anywhere, anytime

5 courses

225 eur 190 eur

38 per course

10 courses

450 eur 340 eur

34 per course

20 courses

900 eur 600 eur

30 per course

Need more? Get in touch for an individual offer!

Here’s how to purchase the course:

  • Email us at and let us know which package you’re interested in.
  • Receive an invoice.
  • Receive festive gift coupons with instructions on how to enroll.
  • Gift the coupons to your employees!

What our Participants Say

Take a Peak Inside

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Discover The Career of a Data Analyst
Discover The Career of a Business Analyst

Got inspired to really learn more about data analytics. Definitely will be looking into the recommended reads. – Triin Polomaa

Thank you so much for such a great and interesting lecture! Now I really know what to think about and what is even more important, what to do. Jakob was amazing! – Lesia Polotaiko

Thank you, Justina. Very clear explanation of job roles in cyber security, and valuable advices according sources for future education. – Vladena Plastun