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Start & Grow Your Tech Career

The Women Go Tech mentoring program consists of one-on-one mentoring and group content sessions, designed to help you start and foster a successful career in tech. Go beyond expectations and join a thriving community of tech enthusiasts!

While participating in the mentoring program, you will:

  • Get a personal mentor who will guide you towards your career goal;

  • Attend ‘Meet the company’ events hosted by their experts, who will introduce you to their projects, career opportunities, and everyday life;

  • Be invited to various career counselling sessions hosted by career specialists, ready to help you out in staying confident, preparing for a job interview, and getting that role in tech;

  • Be able to participate in a bunch of content sessions dedicated to your chosen tech track, hosted by the experts of the field;

  • Become a part of a huge Women Go Tech community, where all the mentees, mentors, experts, and the WGT team cheer for your success;

  • And finally – get on your way towards the change!

Criteria for the candidates:

  • We want to see your ambition and determination! Therefore, you should have taken some of the steps toward the tech world before entering our mentoring program. Courses, books, seminars, self-learning activities – anything works if it prooves your will.

  • The mentoring program requires basic English, as the tech content sessions and events will be held in English. But don’t worry if your English is not perfect. You should be able to fully understand the program’s description and know the basics needed for communication. 

  • We (and your future employers) want to see you on LinkedIn! If you don’t have and account yet, this is a good time to start one.

  • There are no age limitations for the program. 

  • Most of the program’s activities take place online! We bring women from around the globe to participate in the Women Go Tech mentoring program. Join us, wherever you are!

  • Participation fee for the full period of 6 months is 189 Eur. We have set up scholarships for motivated participants for whom this can be challenging.


Currently there are 10 different tech tracks in Women Go Tech. Mentees can choose a career that they want to pursue with the help from their mentors and community. Based on the selected track you will be assigned a mentor and be invited to interactive content sessions on topics meant to deepen your knowledge in the field.

  • Front-End Development
  • Back-end Development
  • UX Design
  • Product Ownership
  • Project Management
  • Data analytics
  • Production Engineering
  • Quality Assurance
  • Business Analysis
  • Cyber Security

Front-End Development

Front end development focuses on client-side development – it manages what the user sees in their browser or application. Front-end development consists of design, content, and functionality – all the things that users interact with (colors, fonts, menus, buttons, tables, etc.).


Back-end Development

It refers to the server-side of service and everything that communicates between the database and the browser. It contains the code needed to build out these components: the database, server, and application.


UX Design

UX refers to the user experience, focusing on how a certain works and how people interact with it. UX designer aims to create an intuitive and easy-to-use product that is useful and delightful for customers. 


Product Ownership

It’s owning a product in its entirety and maximising the value it creates.
Product owners supervise the product backlog and ensure it is up-to-date in terms of priorities and matches the product’s vision.


Project Management

IT project management consists of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling IT projects. There are various types of IT projects, including software development and implementation, hardware installations (e.g., servers, desktop computers, or telephony systems,) network system upgrades, and data management.


Data analytics

It’s the process of extracting, transforming, and centralizing data to discover and analyze hidden patterns, relationships, trends, correlations, and anomalies or validate a theory or hypothesis.

Data analysis involves multiple stages, including establishing a data set, preparing the data for processing, applying models, identifying key findings, and creating reports.


Production Engineering

Production Engineering (also known as Manufacture Engineering) consists of planning, designing, developing, and managing various processes to produce high-quality products.


Quality Assurance

It’s a procedure for ensuring the quality of a software product or service before making it available for customers.

Quality assurance focuses on improving the software development process. By following software product quality standards, testers make the development more efficient and effective.


Business Analysis

It’s a set of tasks, knowledge, and techniques required to identify business needs and provide solutions to issues in enterprises. In the technology industry, solutions often include a systems development component but also can consist of process improvement or organizational change.


Cyber Security

A cyber security analyst is primarily responsible for protecting a company’s network and systems from cyber-attacks. This involves researching upcoming IT trends, creating contingency plans, reviewing suspicious activities, reporting security breaches, and educating the rest of the company on security measures.

What to expect?

Are you an ambitious tech-oriented person? You’ve come to the right place! Women Go Tech is a great take-off spot for women seeking a career in IT or engineering. This is the best place to pick up ideas and realize your own potential, all within a conveniently streamlined period of 6 months.

We do our best to find each person the right mentor, which we assign based on tech tracks and specific mentee needs.  

You’ll also be part of a like-minded community that shares similar goals and expectations, participating in sessions with the biggest tech companies and top-tier tech professionals in Lithuania and abroad.

Why mentoring?

Mentoring isn’t the same as going to school. Mentors don’t hand out cookie-cutter solutions or shower you with opinions, as they believe that learning is a personal journey where mentors only act as guides. They’re like travel buddies guiding you through the first baby steps into a new world. 

Women Go Tech believes in letting mentees roam free and discover tech at their own pace with minimal intrusion. It’s a brand of education that focuses on putting people in empowering situations where supervisors are both teachers and friends.

The equation is quite self-explanatory: good mentor/mentee matches result in achieved milestones. Don’t worry if you’re inexperienced. Mentors have a knack for revealing hidden talent. 

And everything’s up to you. Mentor is there to navigate your individual work towards the right directions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s included in the 189 eur price for the program?

A: This is a one-time fee for the whole season: January to June. For this fee you will be (1) assigned a mentor to work with during the season, (2) invited to number of events organized by top-notch tech companies from Lithuania, (3) have access to tech content sessions on the topic of your chosen tech track, (4) be a part of a like-minded women community and much more!

Q: Can I get a scholarship and how does it work?

A: Scholarships will be assigned to 10% of all 250 selected participants who will fill the request form (to be shared after the selection process is completed). Scholarship covers the full price of a program (189 eur). Criteria for granting a scholarship:

  1. Current financial situation: looking at responses to scholarship application
  2. Clear & achievable goal for the program: looking at both – scholarship and programme applications
  3. Motivation to join Women Go Tech: looking at feedback from the interviewers and scholarship application
  4. All applications will be evaluated by two Women Go Tech board members and a programme director based on the aforementioned criteria.

Q: Why is the program in English? What if I am not fluent at it?

A: To succeed in a tech world and build a career there is much easier if you speak and understand English. Most of the newest industry materials, courses and books are in English, international tech companies are looking for employees who are fluent in English as well. 

Do not worry if you haven’t used your English skills for years now — with all the sessions being in English, soon you will revive your knowledge and it’ll be a great help for your future career!

Q: How will the participant selection process look like?

A: Firstly, our volunteering HR professionals team will review online application forms. Selected candidates will be invited to a 15-20 minute interview calls. Then, selected candidates will be matched with the mentors and the final communication email will be distributed mid-December. Criteria and online form can be found here:

Q: How is the mentor assigned?

A: Our matching process is very thorough and detailed. We carefully read your application form as well as pay extra attention to the answers you give us during live interviews. Then we match your profile to available mentor profiles and make the best possible match! It’s not only about the experience and tech profile but about personality, too!

Q: Can I choose a mentor myself?

A: If you have someone in mind, feel free to mention this in your application form or during an interview. However, we cannot promise that you will have a specifically mentioned mentor but be sure — we may have someone that will pleasantly surprise you!

Q: How does the mentoring process look like?

A: Once you are assigned to a mentor, during the first call you both will agree on the frequency and format of your future communication, discuss the goals, align expectations, etc. We recommend having meetings/calls once or twice per month 1-2 hours long.

Q: Are all events mandatory to participate in?

A: Our program gives you the opportunity to meet the experts from a number of top-notch tech companies and broaden your horizons but it is up to you if you take it all. Yet, the more you attend, the better for YOUR personal career journey. 

Q: How will the sessions / events be arranged: live or online?

A: Most of the content is planned online, however, based on Covid19 restrictions we aim to organize live events as well. Every month participants will receive a schedule with future events and their setup.

Timeline 2021


The application to the Season 6 starts

November – December

Selection process and interviews.


Season 6 opening ceremony

January – June

The program is on!


Closing event

Later on

Keep reaching for your dreams


Registration for season 6 is closed