Our goal is to encourage female participation in tech and engineering while promoting gender equality in the workplace.

Women Go Tech is the first and only mentoring program in Lithuania created for women, aimed at encouraging females to discover and build careers in tech-related jobs.

The program was launched by the INFOBALT association and the World Economic Forum initiative Global Shapers Vilnius in 2016. We’re supported by key TECH enterprises located in Lithuania as well as Lithuanian TECH startups and have also gained international recognition across various global events.

    • Since 2016 we had:


  • 6 seasons
  • 670+ alumni members
  • 600+ career change stories
  • 350+ mentors sharing their knowledge

The program is supported by Lithuania‘s President

Dalia Grybauskaitė

The program offers:


In-person meetings with your dedicated mentor.


Community gatherings and growing together with others.


Tech events hosted by many different tech companies.


Workshops and content sessions with the experts.


Currently there are 10 different tech tracks in Women Go Tech. Mentees can choose a career that they want to pursue with the help from their mentors and community.

  • Front-End Development
  • Back-end Development
  • UX Design
  • Product Ownership
  • Project Management
  • Data analytics
  • Production Engineering
  • Quality Assurance
  • Business Analysis
  • Cyber Security

Front-End Development

Front end development focuses on client-side development – it manages what the user sees in their browser or application. Front-end development consists of design, content, and functionality – all the things that users interact with (colors, fonts, menus, buttons, tables, etc.).


Back-end Development

It refers to the server-side of service and everything that communicates between the database and the browser. It contains the code needed to build out these components: the database, server, and application.


UX Design

UX refers to the user experience, focusing on how a certain works and how people interact with it. UX designer aims to create an intuitive and easy-to-use product that is useful and delightful for customers. 


Product Ownership

It’s owning a product in its entirety and maximising the value it creates.
Product owners supervise the product backlog and ensure it is up-to-date in terms of priorities and matches the product’s vision.


Project Management

IT project management consists of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling IT projects. There are various types of IT projects, including software development and implementation, hardware installations (e.g., servers, desktop computers, or telephony systems,) network system upgrades, and data management.


Data analytics

It’s the process of extracting, transforming, and centralizing data to discover and analyze hidden patterns, relationships, trends, correlations, and anomalies or validate a theory or hypothesis.

Data analysis involves multiple stages, including establishing a data set, preparing the data for processing, applying models, identifying key findings, and creating reports.


Production Engineering

Production Engineering (also known as Manufacture Engineering) consists of planning, designing, developing, and managing various processes to produce high-quality products.


Quality Assurance

It’s a procedure for ensuring the quality of a software product or service before making it available for customers.

Quality assurance focuses on improving the software development process. By following software product quality standards, testers make the development more efficient and effective.


Business Analysis

It’s a set of tasks, knowledge, and techniques required to identify business needs and provide solutions to issues in enterprises. In the technology industry, solutions often include a systems development component but also can consist of process improvement or organizational change.


Cyber Security

A cyber security analyst is primarily responsible for protecting a company’s network and systems from cyber-attacks. This involves researching upcoming IT trends, creating contingency plans, reviewing suspicious activities, reporting security breaches, and educating the rest of the company on security measures.


The mentor team is united by one common goal: to share knowledge and spark passion for the ever-changing world of tech. They come from mixed tech backgrounds, carrying a balanced combo of skill and educational expertise, which is important when establishing trust in our mentees.

Our Alumni stories

I joined “Women Go Tech” to get guidance on shifting my career from biotechnologies to IT. This superb programme was full of new discoveries - an opportunity to learn from the tech specialists, get to know other mentees and their ambitious stories, see the leading Lithuanian IT companies from the inside. A few months after this programme I started in a new position as an IT project manager! I am very grateful for all these opportunities and support from “Women Go Tech” community.

Jurgita Špakovskaja
II season Alumni / IT Project Manager at EnterNet, UAB

"Women Go Tech" does not only give access to mentorship with field experts but also to community, where you can find like-minded peers, looking for their path in tech industry. It provides professional guidance, support, and gives you a chance to  build lasting friendships.

Inga Langaitė
II season Alumni / CEO - Vienaragiai LT / Unicorns LT

"Women Go Tech" is the great place to find your true strengths, expand your knowledge and get inspiration from highly talented people. I am so proud and happy to be part of this community!

Guostė Klimienė
II season Alumni / Risk Advisory Manager at Deloitte

Starting at "Women Go Tech", I was only looking for the right ways on how to step into IT. After 5 months, I was already programming on my own without any fears to start this new career as a developer.  Once it was only a dream and today I already work at IBM.

Indrė Nemuraitė
II season Alumni / Software Engineer at Mambu

The most amazing thing at "Women Go Tech" is not only the opportunity to find a mentor but also the fact that they are matched to YOUR profile and current goals, considering your expectations, personality and career plans, even if they are sometimes quite extraordinary :)

Mantė Makauskaitė
II season Alumni / Co-Founder at Afri | Ko, ICT4D, Development Cooperation, e-Government Consultant

"Women Go Tech" is not only one of the best programmes I've ever participated but it is also a mesmerising community, which empowers you to start seeking for your goals. It is a huge motivation boost when you need it the most and a priceless experience. During this programme, I've started implementing my tech idea, I met many brave women and with the help of my great mentor acquired my dream position.

Beatričė Farias
II season Alumni / Android Developer at Vinted

I am sure that my mentor's tips and guidance to the right direction was a key factor helping me to land in a new position as a tester. Thanks to "Women Go Tech", I had a chance to visit many different TECH companies, which increased my motivation to become a professional in this field, so that I could be in the same level with its experts and speak with them in thei language.

My advice –  find out what you TRULY WANT, develop an action plan accordingly and implement it step by step, without having any doubt that "you might not succeed". You will.

Frančeska Dobrovolskytė
III season Alumni | Software Tester at SEB Lietuvoje

I had some basic knowledge about programme testing before joining "Women Go Tech". However, my progress was rather slow and I wasn't sure how to accelerate and improve my knowledge. Right away after the first meeting with my mentor, we have started to solve this problem – frequent sessions, continuous learning, conferences, seminars… The whole package of events and experiences, which helped to expand my TECH knowledge to a great extent. Receiving valuable guidance from my mentor, I have now became a competent tester, able to evaluate problems from different angles.

Laura Kasiulytė
III Season Alumni / QA Engineer at Kilo Health

I would like to encourage people who are interested in engineering but lack the courage to make changes in their career – from my own experience, I can tell that having the right motivation one can  achieve a significant breaktrough even in short periods of time. Myself, I have started studying mechanical engineering without any prior knowledge of this area, since I decided to shift my career after 10 years of managing a business. The experience and tips by the mentor I met during "Women Go Tech" programme helped me clarify my career goals and I have already landed a job in an engineering company.

Eglė Mikalauskienė
III season Alumni | Head of Sales and Marketing at Western Baltic Engineering