• Since 2016:


  • 5 total seasons
  • 420 alumni members
  • 300+ career change stories
  • 10933 „Atrask Technologijas“ participants


The mentor team is united by one common goal: to share knowledge and spark passion for the ever-changing world of tech. They come from mixed tech backgrounds, carrying a balanced combo of skill and educational expertise, which is important when establishing trust in our mentees.

Our Alumni stories

I joined “Women Go Tech” to get guidance on shifting my career from biotechnologies to IT. This superb programme was full of new discoveries - an opportunity to learn from the tech specialists, get to know other mentees and their ambitious stories, see the leading Lithuanian IT companies from the inside. A few months after this programme I started in a new position as an IT project manager! I am very grateful for all these opportunities and support from “Women Go Tech” community.

Jurgita Špakovskaja
II season Alumni / IT Project Manager at EnterNet, UAB

WGT does not only give access to mentorship with field experts but also to community, where you can find like-minded peers, looking for their path in tech industry. It provides professional guidance, support, and gives you a chance to  build lasting friendships.

Inga Langaitė
II season Alumni / Product Owner at Scale3c

"Women Go Tech" is the great place to find your true strengths, expand your knowledge and get inspiration from highly talented people. I am so proud and happy to be part of this community!

Guostė Klimienė
II season Alumni / AML development specialist at Luminor

Starting at WGT, I was only looking for the right ways on how to step into IT. After 5 months, I was already programming on my own without any fears to start this new career as a developer.  Once it was only a dream and today I already work at IBM.

Indrė Nemuraitė
II season Alumni / Junior Application Developer at IBM